Meet The Maker

We strongly believe that the products we sell only tell one part of the story. The goal with Meet the Maker is to invite our followers to Meet the people behind our collections and encourage a interest in the stories behind every piece we make. 

 Welcome to our Meet the Maker series.







Marie Simcikova is a creative, jolly but restless gal with a overloaded nerdy brain. Born in Czech republic, grown in Sweden and now living in Barcelona, she is a citizen of the world.

She works hard on too many things at the same time while listens to podcasts about… well, anything from how shark attacks work, philosophy, to marketing.

The amount of random (and mostly useless) knowledge she has would scare you. Aside from design, her job is over-thinking that she should not be over-thinking so much and therefore she mostly just follows her intuition and hopes for the best.

Through her love for DIY projects, nature, arts and photography she finds inspiration for            Höst Studios which was founded as an excuse to collaborate with other nerdy creatives that has the same kind off restless fingers.

With Höst, she wants to create an environment where employees can think big, have fun and do good whilst offering garments that are functional, long lasting and add to the users' individual look.

Höst is an advocate for natural beauty, individual expression and wearing a smile as the best accessory.


Meet the Maker: Marie Simcikova, Creative Director & Founder of Höst